Flower paste

320g icing sugar

2 tbsp water

2 tsp CMC or Tylose or Gum Trag

2 tbsp white fat (trex)

2 tbsp liquid glucose

Mix the sugar, water, fat and glucose to a sticky paste, add the CMC and knead well, pop into plastic food bags and leave overnight.

This is a very stretchy paste that can be rolled out until it’s thin enough to see through.

The white fat gives a translucent quality to the paste and gives very realistic petals.

Put into a food bag and store in a cool, dark place for several months.

Uses: Flowers, leaves, etc.

Quick modelling paste

500g sugarpaste (Dr Oetker)

1 tsp CMC or Tylose or Gum Trag

Knead the gum into the sugarpaste, cover with clingfilm and leave overnight before use.

The gum makes the paste stretchy and firm - good for using to make models such as figures, shoes, boxes, cards etc.

Can also be used for making flowers but the petals won't be quite as delicate as if you'd used the flower paste recipe.

Mix 1 tsp CMC per for a general purpose paste - figures or 2 tsps per 500g sugarpaste for a firmer paste - shoes, boxes etc.

Store in a plastic food bag in a cool, dark place.

I find that Dr Oetker sugarpaste works well, but you can use any paste which is made with CMC or gum trag. Don't use sugar pastes which are made with Xanthan gum.


This is a recipe which is much more forgiving than the traditional recipe which uses gelatine.

500g icing sugar

3 level teaspoons CMC / Tylose

70ml water or egg white (fresh or reconstituted)

Mix the icing sugar and CMC together well, and sift a few times to ensure it's all completely mixed.

Pour in the liquid and work in to a paste - it will be sticky at the start but will firm up as the CMC absorbs the water.

Put into a food bag and leave overnight.

Use a little cornflour when rolling out to stop it sticking.