Ingredients - Makes 6 muffins.

225g self raising flour

110g sugar

75g sunflower or vegetable oil

1 large egg (75g)

135ml milk (almond or soy for dairy free)

75g filling - see opposite

Preparation Method

Preheat oven to 200C / 180 fan / Gas 6.

Whisk the eggs for about a minute, add the rest of the ingredients and mix thoroughly.

Spoon into muffin cases and bake for 20/25 mins.

Note: you'll need to use a deep muffin baking tray to support the cakes properly whilst they cook.

Suggested fillings.

You can use any fillings you like really.  Mix 'em up but keep the total to about 75 grams for this mixture.

If using frozen fruit then don't defrost - use from frozen.

- Sultana, carrot & walnut

- Blueberries

- Raspberries

- Chocolate chips - dark or white (what about half white choc. & half raspberries

- Any dried fruit

- Chopped apple