Chocolate ganache - recipe No. 1

A traditional, not too sweet, ganache which can be used in various ways:

300g Chocolate (min. 70% cocoa solids)

300g Double Cream 

Bring the cream to a boil and pour over the chocolate (broken into pieces), stir until completely mixed and allow to cool. 

Don't panic if it looks like a fatty mess -  just keep going & it'll be fine.

The ganache can be used in three ways:

1. Glazed - leave to cool slightly and pour over the cake - for a smooth, glossy finish.

2. Piped - cool further for a thicker icing, spread over the cake and create swirls

3. Whipped - cool completely and whisk into a pale and fluffy frosting - use as a cake filling, spread over the cake or use for piping.

Chocolate ganache buttercream 

- recipe No. 2

200g Chocolate

250g Butter

250g Icing sugar

Melt the chocolate until only just flowing.

Beat the butter and the icing sugar until light and fluffily, add the melted chocolate and beat well together.