Bowl cake.

Bake your cake in a bowl - you don't need to buy special bowls, ordinary cereal or soup bowls are fine (not plastic obviously).

Just line your bowl with greaseproof paper, put the cake batter in and bake.

Firstly, we need to find out how much batter to make - this depends on the size of the bowl and the easiest way to find this out is to see how much water fits in the bowl.  Weigh the bowl empty, then fill with water and re-weigh the bowl.

The difference is the amount of water in the bowl.

The Ikea bowls below take approximately 700mls of water. (1 ml of water weighs 1 gram).  A bigger bowl may take 900mls

So, now that we have the bowl capacity, we can use the calculator below to find out how much ingredients we need and how long to cook the cake for.

For example, say I want to make a pumpkin cake. 

I've weighed the amount of water it takes to fill my Ikea bowl: approximately 700g = 700mls and I look at the calculator to find that I need:

65g Butter

95g Brown sugar

80g eggs and so on....... and I bake it at 150C fan for 1hr.

Note: eggs vary in size so I always give the weight of eggs needed, doesn't matter that much if you weigh them in the shell or out.

Deep cakes such as this are better cooked at a lower temperature - 150C

Don't forget to double the quantities to make two cakes.

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These cereal/soup bowls

from Ikea are perfect.

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