Problems -


Q. Why has my cake has sunk in the middle?

1. It’s not cooked all the way through - either the oven door has been opened before the cake has set or the oven wasn’t preheated

2. There's too much raising agent

I would say that you've probably set the timer for 25 mins as stated on the

recipe, then looked through the glass oven door after about fifteen minutes,

saw a bit of colour on top of the cake and thought "Oh, it's cooked" and

took it out.  Thinking "the recipe must have been wrong".

A cake will colour on top after about fifteen minutes, but the middle is still

raw and will sunk straight away when you take it out of the oven.  And then

you'll wonder what went wrong and come up with the idea that the

recipe was wrong.


Q. Why is my cake flat and heavy ?

1. The mixture wasn't beaten for long enough

2. There's not enough raising agent

3. The self-raising flour may have been stored for too long

4. The oven wasn’t pre-heated to the correct temperature

5. You’ve used plain flour

6. The oven isn’t hot enough - get an oven thermometer


Q. Why is my cake only about an inch high ?

Main reason is that too big a tin has been used - if the recipe is for an eight inch tin then you'll need to increase the amounts if you're using a larger tin.

Q. Why is my cake burnt ?

1. Your oven is too hot, invest in an oven thermometer to check it

2. You had too much wine and forgot about it

Q. I've tried all of the above and it's still rubbish

Sorry, can't help - works for me every time.